Mission Statement –

Not the Face is a home for anyone who wants to build a fun and exciting atmosphere while playing online games. Our goal is to be a tight knit group that we all enjoy being a part of, while making on-lookers feel like we are in an exclusive club that they would want to join. We are strong believers in recruiting the player, not the class or item level. Raiding and skill can be taught, a good constructive and fun personality less so. To put it simply, we want our members to look forward to logging in every day and spending time with fellow guildies.


Currently, Not the Face is a Semi-Hardcore PVP/PVE guild, though our plans as a guild are much larger. Our leadership is built of lifelong gamers and friends. We want the same for the guild. As Not the Face grows and evolves we hope to grow our guild across many different games and dominate each one more than the last. 

We want to build a community more than anything, while providing the structure for our members to socialize and excel. We are always open to constructive criticism and ideas from anyone who carries a Not the Face tag. Never be afraid to speak your mind, and tell us what you think. 

Core Rules

  1. Guild First: We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of ‘guild first’. Anything a member does reflects on the overall guild image and on all fellow members. 
  2.  We recruit the PERSON not the TOON. We look for good PEOPLE not only a toon that meets a specific set of requirements. As such members of Not the Face cannot be a member of any other guild that has a branch of their guild in any game we play.
  3. Participate In Guild Events. PVP, Raids, Events and other in game activities occur all the time. You are expected to take place in as many of them as possible. We understand people have lives and cannot live within the online world and that is ok. But if you are online, and we are having a guild event of some sort, you need to be there and participating in it. Actively working against the guild on any mission will result in immediate and permanent removal.
  4.  Leadership roles in Not the Face are decided based on demonstrated ability as well as the need for a leader in a particular spot. You can be assured that your leaders are working hard to make the game more fun for you. While the reason behind every decision may not always be apparent at the moment an order is issued, all orders from officers need to be immediately followed. If errors are made, they should be reported to the Guild Leader where they will be dealt with and, if needed, changes made to the officer team. Follow up information may not be provided.
  5. We are a TEAM of FRIENDS. Backing up your guildmates is expected because they will do the same for you. Not the Face members understand that sometimes personal character sacrifice is needed for the team to complete a mission. We do not view it as personal sacrifice, however, because we are helping out a friend and that is more important than loot or pixels on a screen. Games come and go. Not the Face and the friendships within it, remain.
  6. Deadweight is not needed in the guild. Failure to maintain an acceptable level of activity will result in your removal. We do have an “inactive” status for members who are retired from games we play and wish to join us in future games. For those active in games, we expect them to read our news section on discord daily. Simply vanishing off the face of the earth without any correspondence indicating you wish to go to inactive status is taken as a sign you have quit the guild and membership is removed.